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Overview of e-Cig Wiki and Personal Vaporizers

The e-cig, electronic cigarette or personal vaporizer is a device that is used to turn liquid nicotine juice into a vapor that you inhale. The device looks (some more than others) like a cigarette, gives you the hand to mouth action, and the vapor is inhaled much like an "analog" cigarette smoke would be. The combination of these things make this a perfect alternative to smoking cigarettes. Most will not call it safe due to legal reasons, but it would be wrong to call it unsafe. The poisonous chemicals from an analog cigarette are in the hundreds, while the main chemicals inhaled from an electronic cigarette are nicotine and either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. Nicotine is considered a very poisonous drug in its pure form, but when used in very small amounts it is often used as a stimulant.

Personal vaporizers are not meant as a smoking cessation (something used to help you quit smoking) device, they seem to have that affect on most "vapers" who use them. Often times someone who has been vaping for more than a few days cannot even stomach the taste of an analog cigarette. Vaping is typically cheaper than smoking, but with the wide variety of flavored ejuices and devices available some do not start to see the savings immediately.

This wiki is meant to be an informative place to find specifications, compatibility and other general information related to e-cigarette use. Please double check all of the information before assuming it is 100% correct. Nothing found on this wiki is intended to be taken as medical or legal advice.

For discussion about vaping and ecigarettes and their use, check out Vapers Forum.

Safety and the FDA

Many of you have heard about the FDA claiming that ecigs might just be as bad as the real thing. That is entirely true if "just as bad" means "not taxable yet". Before you pass any judgements based on the media or the joke of a government agency, please do some reading on the subject. Find what chemicals are found in ecigs and compare that to the list of chemicals we know are found in analog cigarettes. If after seeing that list you do not find the FDA report to be total bullshit, feel free to pick up an analog and jump on the bandwagon. Michael Siegal is one of those who is trying to spread the truth about ecigs and their safety. We know they are not as safe as drinking water (well, this might be proven wrong some day) but they are much safer than what we had before.

For more information on the safety of electronic cigarettes, please see ecig safety

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Electronic Cigarettes and how they work

electronic cigarette parts - What parts make up the typical electronic cigarette/personal vaporizer

eliquid types - The main types of eliquid that is used in electronic cigarettes and what they consist of

terms - Listing of many terms and slang used in relation to personal vaporizer use

Ecig Forums

List of forums dedicated to vaping or ecigs in general along with brief (please) descriptions of the size and focus.

Ecig Forums

E-cigarette/Personal Vaporizer Models

Electronic Cigarette Models


DSE801 Janty Kissbox - The Janty Kissbox


510 - The 510 model e-cig - AKA: JoyE510 DSE901 - The DSE901 model e-cig
M401 -

Super Mini

DSE103 - AKA: Solarflare RN4081 - AKA: SE Gold, Npro
DSE084 - AKA: RN4075 KR808D
306 DSE101

Large (and mods)

The GG - "Hand Crafted Immortality" Prodigy - The Prodigy
Screwdriver - The original Screwdriver from Trog AdapteveR - "ORIGINAL USA built battery adapter"
Silver Bullet - The Silver Bullet from

USB and Passthroughs

Janty Stick - The Janty Stick


VX2 - AKA: J118 RS888

Electronic Pipe Models

DSE601 G500

Electronic Cigar Models

DSE701 G300
G220 G120

Build Your Own Electronic Cigarette

Most parts of an electronic cigarette (with the slight exception of the atomizer) can be built using semi common household junk and require only basic electronic knowledge or experience. Soldering is probably the most difficult part and itself is fairly easy to do if you are soldering large connections.

Battery Mods

magnum - Mod that generally starts with a small led flashlight

magnum sharp - DarkriftX's mod made out of a Sharpie Magnum permanent marker case

box - Mod created out of the empty battery box found in electronic stores

nicostick - Specific box mod design by nicowolf

Fistpack - The Fistpack mod converts a USB charger into a rechargeable ecig mod

Cartridge Mods

Pyramid Tea Bag Cart Mod - This mod uses Lypton pyramid shaped tea bags used as cart filler

Brass Screen Cart Mod - Uses brass (or stainless steel) pipe screens to hold liquid in the cart

Straw Cart Mod - This mod uses a coffee stir straw to hold up cart filler giving more space for juice

Blue Foam Cart Mod - Uses blue foam from fish tank filters as either a plug or as filler

Zero Filler Cart Mod - Uses a cut cart condom (the silicone cap) as a lid with no filler

Auto Drip Cart Mod - Uses a cut spring to hold up a *small* amount of filler leaving the rest of the space for juice

Other Mods and Info

Battery size - Chart of common battery sizes used in personal vaporizer mods

Mod battery chart - Chart of common battery sizes and in which mods are they used in

rca-atomizer - Adapter to allow an atomizer to be interchangeable between multiple battery mods

Mod Retailers

AtmosUSA - Manufacturer of The Copper.

Quit Counter Forum Signature

Being extremely bored I have created a forum signature counter to track your progress in saving your lives and your cash. It might change, but I will probably just add new ones instead of replacing it. banner banner banner 1 banner 2

Crushed Butt 1

Crushed Butt 2

To generate your forum signature or html banner, click on the design you wish to use and fill in the boxes. It needs to know how many cigarettes (not packs) a day you previously smoked, how much each pack cost and the date you quit. It will output the code you need to place the banner on either a forum (bbcode) or on a website (html).