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The Fistpack

The Fistpack started as a mod that was created from a portable recharger for phones and other devices. Instructions label it as a more advanced mod and has since been put into production by Nuck and sold on his site They start at around $200 for a Fistpack V2 with variable voltage and in a variety of colors.



If you wish to build your own Fistpack V2, the very detailed Fistpack instructions can be found on google docs.

Name Fistpack v2.0 (variable power)
Batteries 18650 AW 2600 mah OR AW LiMN 1600 mah (lower mah, very high discharge, safe chemistry)
Power Variable (4.35, 4.60, 4.75, 4.95v under load)
Atomizer Variable (this guide uses a 901, switching to an 18500 battery allows use of a 510)
Build Time 3-5 hours
Cost of components Approx 60-65 bucks

Parts Needed

This list can also be found inside the above linked instructions.

Commercial (prebuilt) Models For Sale

Standard (SX) - The flagship model. The Fist Pack SX provides consistant power throughout the battery cycle. The settings have been tuned to provide the perfect experience at the touch of a switch. The SX model is designed for use with regular adapters and allows voltage selection ranging from approximately 4.3v to 5.0v.

High Voltage (HV) - The Fist Pack HV is identical to the SX with one exception. The voltage range has been boosted to between 4.5v and 5.2v for those that enjoy a heavier hit.

Low Resistance (LR) - A special version of the Fist Pack optimized for use with low resistance adapters. The power supplied to the connector is adjustable between approximately 7.9 and 10.6 watts. This version is also a great choice for those who want a consistant, fresh battery feel using standard adapters.

Economy (DX) - A simplified economical version. This unboosted, single voltage version provides extremely long battery life between charges. The Fist Pack DX combines all same great features of the Fist Pack with a high quality brand name battery. Simply the best unboosted performance you can buy.